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Unique Design Trends for Your Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is a place of warmth where people gather and should be inviting, comfortable, and functional. Whether you want to spruce things up a bit or completely transform your space, make the most of your kitchen renovation by considering the following unique design trends.

Kitchen Renovation Trends

Get your creative juices flowing with these unique kitchen design trends:

  • Go blue – Timeless, but interesting, blue works with a variety of design styles. Update your island, backsplash, or Calgary kitchen cabinets with shades like aqua, sky, and indigo.
  • Colourful sinks – White and stainless are still common, but sinks are showing up in a variety of fresh hues. Add an eye-catching pop of colour to your kitchen.
  • Bold fixtures – Colour isn’t the only way to catch attention in a kitchen. Bold fixtures can create excitement and add wow factor.
  • Drawers for storage – Adding more usable storage space is always a plus. Drawers make stacking easy for better organization and custom designs can really help you maximize space. For example, a kitchen renovations company can create multi-tiered drawers.
  • Automation – Technology in the kitchen is designed to make your life easier. From hands-free faucets and sensor-activated lights to appliances you control with your smartphone, kitchens are a hub for technology.
  • Commercial grade – Residential kitchens are showing off commercial flair with plenty of prep space, clean lines, and engineered stone or concrete.
  • Flexible palette – With neutral Calgary kitchen cabinets, you can personalize your kitchen to reflect your style. This lets you change the feel with accessories as often as you wish.

Dream Big with a Kitchen Renovations Company

Make the kitchen of your dreams a reality with a custom kitchen renovation. Updated Calgary kitchen cabinets and other changes large or small can alter the feel of the space and give it a fresh, unique look.

Liber Kitchen Cabinets is dedicated to transforming the focal point of your home into a space you love.

Liber Kitchen Cabinets will design, build and install custom kitchen cabinets for your home to make the most of your space. We will carry out complete home renovations to help bring eloquence, functionality and convenience to each and every room in your house.
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