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Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Trends Here to Stay

By June 26, 2017Kitchen Cabinet

Walk into a kitchen and one of the first things you are likely to notice is the cabinets. Placed at eye-level and taking up a lot of space, cabinets are a focal point of any kitchen. Installing new kitchen cabinets makes a positive impact on your overall design and is a great way to freshen up the room. It’s also likely to increase the resale value of your home. Here’s a look at five kitchen cabinet trends that are here to stay.

Glass-Front Doors on Kitchen Cabinets

Adding glass-front doors is a great way to open up the space, break the line of wall-to-wall cabinets, and showcase collectibles or dishes. They are increasingly popular for Calgary kitchen renovations, both with clear glass and frosted or designed glass.

White or Off-White Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets in white or off-white are classic and never go out of style. They add elegance and natural brightness to your kitchen without becoming overwhelming. It’s also easy to customize the feel of your kitchen by using accessories to add pops of accent color.

Dark Wood Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Dark cabinet finishes are another gorgeous choice. They pair well with stainless steel, which continues to be a popular option for appliances.

Deep Drawers

Storage is made simple with extra-deep drawers, particularly by the range. They are convenient and easy to integrate with the rest of your kitchen design. Add-ons help keep deep drawers organized.

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Right up there with traditional cabinets, shaker style kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular trends. The light, simple, and clean design looks wonderful in just about any kitchen, and is a great choice for Calgary kitchen renovations.

Enhance your Home with a Calgary Kitchen Renovation

Liven up your kitchen with custom cabinets designed to match your style. These options are popular trends that work well in most kitchens and create a lovely feel.


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