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How To Save Money On Custom Kitchen Cabinets

By October 25, 2017Uncategorized

If you’re getting ready to say goodbye to an outdated kitchen, then you’ve probably already started thinking about cabinets. This crucial feature sets the stage for renovations and creates a tone for the kitchen. It’s no surprise that a large chunk of remodelling budgets goes toward cabinets. But is it possible to get custom kitchen cabinets without spending a fortune? Yes. Check out these ways to save money on custom cabinets.

Choose the Material for Custom Cabinets with Care

The materials you choose for cabinets makes a difference. Particleboard is cheap, but it doesn’t hold up well. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a strong choice that is less expensive than solid wood. Solid wood cabinets are beautiful and strong, but don’t handle changes in heat and humidity as well as MDF. The type of wood you choose also matters; oak is usually less expensive than cherry.

Compare Cabinet Door Styles

Find two or three different door styles you like and compare the price. Usually the more detailed the door style, the more expensive the door.

Skip the Extra Features on Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Full-extension slides and soft-close drawers are great, but aren’t required for functionality or looks. Consider skipping extras like these to reduce the price. Pullouts are another added convenience that increase the cost of custom kitchen cabinets.

Customize Less during Kitchen Renovations Calgary

Part of the reason for kitchen renovations Calgary is to create a kitchen you love. Don’t sacrifice that for the sake of saving a little money, but don’t go crazy either. Adding customized details to cabinets quickly increases the cost. Be strategic about the decorative touches that matter most for your space.

Create the space you want with kitchen renovations Calgary without blowing your budget. Use these tips to save money on custom cabinets.

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