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Make the Most of Your Room with a Custom Cabinet Build

By July 26, 2016Custom Cabinet

Increasing the value of your home doesn’t require a costly makeover or a pricey renovation. In fact, it is easier than you think. A few updates in focal areas and your home will be surprisingly worth more.

Receive High Quality Upgrade with Greatest Return:

If you ask any real-estate expert about the most popular upgrades with the highest return, their answer will be the kitchen. Remodeling a kitchen includes everything from appliances to sink and even custom cabinets. However, it may cost you a lot of money. For a mini kitchen makeover, opt for a cabinet upgrade to give your dull kitchen space a pricey and modern makeover.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets to Suit Your Space:

Do a mini-remodel and opt for custom designed cabinets. Choices include beautiful laminate and wood cabinets with glass doors, modern crown molding and sleek knobs and pulls. Match your cabinet with a new backsplash to give your kitchen a modern look and appeal.

Adding Custom Cabinets to Other Rooms:

If you want to make use of some unused space in your bedroom or study room, then adding custom cabinets can be a great idea. Plus, it will increase your home value too. Built-in bedroom cabinets are gaining popularity these days. These beautiful handcrafted shelving units and cabinets can add a trendy look to your bedroom. Also, you can find many new and innovative solutions for storage. Because you are choosing custom cabinet options, you can have them designed as per your requirement and choice.

Benefits of Having a Custom Cabinet:

The quality of cabinetry today is way better than what you saw a decade ago. Custom cabinet makers now use different styles and options to create designer cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. With wide choices of painted finishes and stained wood, these modern cabinets can instantly uplift the look of your room. The custom cabinets are designed to save a lot of space. Many new custom cabinet makers now add handy roll-out shelves, pop-up mixer stands, appliance garages and even pull-out waste basket shelves. These custom-made cabinets can make your kitchen space more comfortable for using, and enhance the resale value later too.

Bring Beauty to Your Home With a Custom Cabinet from Liber Kitchen Cabinets

Liber Kitchen Cabinets will design, build and install custom kitchen cabinets for your
home to make the most of your space. We will carry out complete home
renovations to help bring eloquence, functionality and convenience to each every room in your house.

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