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How To Save Money On Custom Kitchen Cabinets

By August 15, 2017Kitchen Cabinet

Remodelling your kitchen is a big job filled with decisions. Choosing cabinets is a big part of the project; they make up a large part of the budget and set the tone for your entire kitchen. Custom cabinets can be expensive, but they are a great way to create the look you want. If you are working with a limited budget, consider these tips for saving money on custom kitchen cabinets.

Use Wood Choice to Save on Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Picking less expensive wood for your cabinets can save you a bundle. Alder, oak, hickory, pine, maple, and birch are good choices.

Design Custom Cabinetry with Doors Instead of Drawers

Doors cost less than drawers, so use them when possible to save money on custom cabinetry. A pull-out shelf can give you better access while avoiding the need for a drawer.

Consider the Type of Panel on Kitchen Cabinets

A flat panel door is the easiest on your budget; raised panels and inlays increase the price. Keep your door fronts simple to save money.

Stick with Straight Lines for Custom Cabinets

Curves and arches multiply the cost. Sticking with straight lines for your custom kitchen cabinets helps keep costs down. If you want to include curves or arches, add one to create a focal point, but don’t repeat it.

Choose a Kitchen Renovations Company That You Love

Going with the lowest bidder saves you money, but you can end up with a product you aren’t happy with. Instead, choose a kitchen renovations company you trust and whose work you love. They can work with you to design cabinets you love to fit your budget.


These five tips can help you save money on custom cabinets. Talk to a kitchen renovations company about other ways to make your dream kitchen a reality on a budget.

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