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5 Design Ideas You Should Consider When Doing Your Calgary Kitchen Renovations

By March 15, 2018Uncategorized

Allow yourself to dream as you consider kitchen renovations. This is an exciting opportunity to create a space that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. As you plan for the upcoming project, here five design ideas to consider for Calgary kitchen renovations.

1. Neutral Colours Last with Kitchen Renovations

Bright, cheerful colours may sound more appealing than boring white, off-white, and greys, but neutral colours are a great choice because they stand the test of time. Other colours tend to look dated quickly, and you’re more likely to get tired of them yourself. Try sticking with a neutral colour scheme for the kitchen and Calgary kitchen cabinets, then add bright pops of colour with accents.

2. Good Lighting is Key during Calgary Kitchen Renovations

Standout lighting makes cooking, socializing, and dining in the kitchen more enjoyable. Be sure to include good lighting fixtures that create a well-lit space and consider adding feature lighting in a few areas, such as over an island or under custom kitchen cabinets.

3. Increase Storage with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Boosting storage is always a plus during renovations. Overhead Calgary kitchen cabinets, deep drawers, and a walk-in pantry are a few ways to increase storage.

4. Open it Up with Kitchen Renovations Calgary

Removing a wall opens up the space, creating more of a hub and changing the way you interact with family and guests in the kitchen. Even if you can’t take down a whole wall, you might be able to remove part of a wall during Calgary kitchen renovations.

5. Make it Usable with Calgary Kitchen Cabinets

Consider how you use your kitchen, who uses the kitchen, and what could make it more usable. Think about what works and what changes you could make to improve usability. Installing custom kitchen cabinets is one way to improve usability.

Try using these design ideas as you transform your kitchen.

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